Life, don’t talk to me about life…

15 Nov

…Just me here…

The good bit? I got my Kenya photo’s off the CD at long last. My new laptop was able to install the software from the CD successfully, and therefore to get all the photo’s, so I’m pretty chuffed about that.

The rest:

Was feeling a bit down yesterday. Not too bad, considering, but nonetheless not overly happy.

So, I got tons of sleep, got up a reasonably impressive time (8:00am and didn’t need to be in uni until 11) and now I’ve just had two lectures and lunch, and been “falling asleep” all the way through. Now, I don’t think that’s overly fair, considering I’ve had my sleep…

Personally, I think it was just all because of yesterday being such an “emotionally draining” day. (I don’t even like use that phrase to describe it, given I last heard it applied to Omorandia the day after Elizabeth(I think it was) died.)

Anyways, java aint helping, so I’m off home now. :S

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