07 Nov

7/11/2004 – Backdated to this date (22/11/2004)
“And the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.”

How can darkness comprehend? It cannot. This is a metaphor. The unbeliever is being likened to the darkness, and the gospel is here called the light.

The “light shining” is the gospel being brought to the unbeliever. The ordinary means used by God are the preaching and reading of the word. “By the foolishness of preaching hath God chosen to save them that believe.”

The light is shining into the darkness. Normally darkness is dispersed when light shines into it, but this darkness is so thick that it is not. In God’s providence the gospel is brought to the unbeliever, and yet he continues on oblivious.

How merciful of God to allow a sinner such an opportunity. Yet how solomn…”the darkness comprehended it not.” In and of himself a sinner is so ignorant that he can do nothing. He cannot belive – he does not even understand. He does not even notice that the gospel has come to him.

Oh, that we would take note when God gives us opportunity to come closer to Himself. Even if that opportunity is from a source we least expect it to come from. Do not despise the means God uses. God’s ways are not our ways, neither are His thoughts our thoughts.


I feel constrained to tell of some good that happened to me. I want to “hide it not”. Tonights sermon was on II Kings 7:9 “…this day is a day of good tidings, and we hold our peace: if we tarry till the morning light some mischief will come upon us: now therefore come, that we may go and tell the king’s household.

Every day should be a day of good tidings. We should exort one another daily.

Ama used to do this. She felt it strongly on her conscience that her lack of prayerfulness was not only harmful to herself, but also to *others*. Those whom she should have been praying for.

We all need to be alive in order to stir one another up to greater liveliness. And if I am not then my friends are harmed in not-having this stirring-up that I should be giving them.

Anyway, on John 1:3, my meditation-verse one Sabbath when I was in Kenya… I was feeling ‘dead’. My new zeal for trying to be more consistent and regular in the way I meditate was dying down, and I was tired…

Anyhow, I read the verse, sat for a few minutes, and just sighed. I thought I wwould take a break, and then try and start afresh (foolish, natural thinking!) Anyways, God had mercy on poor wee ignorant silly me. On looking out that window, I was just struck anew with the beaut of it all. The bird singing sweetingly and fluttering from tree to tree; the bright orange flowers ‘in the corner’; the freshly-rained-upon grass.

Bright blue sky. How good God is! As Omorandia had mentioned to me a few times recently (its a favourite theme of his) God gives us all these things “richly to enjoy”. And we should richly enjoy them! It is He that has given us such bounty; it is ungrateful of us not to enjoy His creation. “All things *were* made by Him.”

How wonderfully precious to be taught of the Spirit of God. He alone knows how to deal personally with each individual, giving them exactly the feeding that they require, and is appropriate to their circumstances. We do not get what we deserve – instead we are blessed abundantly above what we can ask or think.

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