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25 Oct

Hello hello,

One or two things have happened since I was last around this place.

Well, there was Kenya. Abs. amazing!! But not really one of these things a livejournal can really do full justice to. (Ie: I don’t have time to write it all out… πŸ˜› I did keep a pen-and-paper diary while out there, but not necc. everything in it is for “public viewing”, and I’ve.. um.. still got to write up the last week.

There was something brought up yesterday that was vaguely relevant, so I’ll say a few words about it. I was in Ed, at the communion there. (MJ’s Dad, and Rev Angus Smith.) T’was Angus Smith in the morning, and he concluded the whole service with a short story:

“There was once a young child, only about two years old, whose mother died. The child was told that his mother had gone to heaven. On the day of the funeral, the child was meant to stay in the house, while others went to the funeral. He didn’t. He followed them to the graveside, and made his way through the people gathered there. On looking down into the grave, he turned and said “Is that heaven?””

Rev AS went on to say how the body of a believer, though in the grave, is nevertheless united to Christ, and will not remain in the grave forever…

But my mind was away on a tangent. Last funeral I was at was that of a little girl… younger than 2 years old. And yet, I did not cry at the graveside. (A bit of a first for me!)

And then we finished off the service (in Ed) with Psalm 133. That sure put a smile on my face! That sure was a Psalm to describe the Kenya mission. I kinda like that place…

Anyway, that’s the “Kenya post” out the way. (Do not think that’s the last you’ve heard of it, though πŸ˜‰ )

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