Walking… et al

25 Aug

Most of today was normal. Got up, did some java, walked to work, walked home, walked to the Freeke’s, walked down to MJ’s to pick up one of James’ textbooks that he said I could borrow and then… wait for it… walked back to the Freeke’s.

What with all the walking, and it’s being a hot day, I drank a litre (if not more) of water within the hour and a half from leaving work ’til arriving at the Freeke’s for tea.

Went to Aunty Alice’s for a quick cuppa after the prayer meeting.

That young couple who were out for the first time last Sabbath came too. Gerrit and Lisa ten Hooft by name. Well, Lisa’s only had that name 10 days now, I think they said!!

Yep, that’s right… their honeymoon – what they’re getting of a honeymoon – is in Glasgow! 😀

‘Tis going to be good for us all to have a few new faces around for next year. They’re only to be here for a year – so they say!

He is in Jordanhill college doing teacher training. After the year (he got here as part of an exchange program) they hope to go back to …um Norwich, I think, and he will teach in the Christian school attached to their church there.

They’re Netherlands Reformed (the Canadian version, which isn’t actually ‘true’ Netherlands Reformed). The Dutch church is the ….”Her Hem” (And, yes I do know that is *so* not how you spell it, but I never could get my head round dutch spelling.)

And now… well, I was wanting to get 2 hours more java done tonight, and I just might manage if I settle down and focus now…

I seem to have got my mobile working again. I was panicking for a while that the mobile I got off of ebay to take to Kenya actually wasn’t working properly… Apparently it was sorta my fault it wasn’t though. I got a new cover for it, and it didn’t really fit quite properly. I never noticed for ages, but it actually moved the battery a tiny fraction. Not enough to entirely not-work. It would light up, and then go dead. However… it now seems to be working ok. If not I’ll just have to put up with the old scratched blue thingy. Ah, well, java beckons…

Anyways, bye for now all the same ~xx~

Ps: Chris Daubney’s funeral is on Monday. I hope to go to it, abw.

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