My holiday at long last… ;)

10 Aug

Today I travelled down to the Lakeland campsite in the Lake district.
On the train I was speaking to a very friendly – and deaf – old man who was sitting next to me. He was going to Grange too (as the locals call Grange-over-sands) so he was kind enough to direct me to the tourist information.
A close friend of this gentleman also came on at Lancaster with his wife. My friendly neighbour spent most of the journey talking to the wife. When they left he turned to me and started telling me about “his friends from New Zealand.” This man turned out to be the world’s leading expert on Easter Island!
In Grange I was served by a young chap who couldn’t have been more than fourteen or so but he had the yorkshire accent all right!
I walked a mile to get to the Lakeland campsite from Flookburgh. It was drizzly by the time I arrived. Just as I was struggling with the key, the rain started proper. I got my bearings and bought my postcards by the time the family arrived about an hour later.
We went for a walk in the evening down at Morcambe Bay. A friendly local man gave us a bit of advice – warned us not to walk on the quicksands! We saw another fellow rescuing his tractor from the quicksands.
Later on, I spent about two hours practising my recorder. I don’t exactly feel as if I’m making any progress … but maybe I am. I’ll just have to stick it for a while, I guess, before I really know.

I had the most interesting salad ever in the WoodLands Tea Room at Santon Bridge. It had all the usuals like lettuce, cress, red onion, radish, pepper(both red and yellow). And then there were the extras: orange, strawberry, kiwi, grape (red and green!)
As far as the rest of the day went, it was a lot of traveling around. Saw all the views, and such-like. The kind of thing for which the experience is everything.

We went a cruise on Lake Windermere on a boat called The Swan. We stopped off in Bowness for lunch, and visited a wee Beatrix Potter museum too. Thankfully the weather was good while we were on the lake. Overall, we had a decent dose of fresh air.

We just wandered around a park that was just beside Lake Windermere. Estie found herself an abandoned water pistol. Well, it wasn’t much of a pistol – the tank could contain a good three litres, I’m sure. Anyhow, the three of us (James just insisted on getting soaked, as you can imagine) had a good run around as “Robin Esther and her Merry Friends”.
I attempted to make a wee carving of some kind of birds head. It didn’t exactly turn out very well, but Estie did say (in a fit of charity) that it looked a bit like an ostrich.
By this stage we were all needing a bit of a breather, so we were back in the caravan by mid-afternoon. I did a bit more of my carving while Mum and Dad went out for a walk at Humphrey Head.

We had to be out the caravan by ten. ‘Twas a bit of a struggle getting out of bed. Mum *did* wake us a whole hour earlier than she had said she would, so I was glad I had done my packing the night before…
I had a few hours to while away in Grange after the rest of them left. Just enjoyed the lovely weather, and the remains of that “holiday feeling”.
At Lancaster I had another hour wait. I headed into the city centre for a bite of lunch. I can’t say there was an awful lot to see around, but I guess I didn’t really have the time to explore. As a place, Lancaster itself has aprox. 5/6 of the inhabitants of Inverness. However, it is also in not nearly so central, so it seemed a pokey-wee place!
Arriving back in Glasgow, I discovered Finlay had actually becn on my train. However neither of us really had much to say.
So that was that, I guess!

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