…aint people strange…?

05 Jun

Hello folks,

Just back from visiting my gran…

Oh, she told me an *absolutely* hilarious story. (…it still has me giggling quietly away to myself while I type.)

Well, it was all to do with ‘some acquaintences’ of mine…

On one occasion we were in the X’s family house. And, due to rather unhappy circumstances, our stay was cut short. So, anyhows, we came to leave, when my gran decided she hadn’t completed the rounds, apparently.

Well, she said to Mrs X, “Where will I find Mr X, to say my goodbye’s to him?”

And, almost as an afterthought, she added, “I’m going to give him a kiss.”

With her characteristic laugh, Mrs replied. “Come back and tell me how you get on.”

So my gran did… “Oh, I just gave him a wee peck on the cheek.” Despite all allusions to the contrary, the process had been executed with comparative ease.

Oooo, but it *must* have been funny… Pity there ain’t a video clip. ‘Cos I would just love to see Mr X-Junior’s face…

Ach weel… my giggles will just have to live in the realm of my imagination after all.

…the thought of my gran…oh…*lafs*

Lilale… Actuly I should really be saying “Tigara buya”… 😉

Ps: Just for the record, for posterity: remember the time I ‘burnt my feet’?? That was the occasion here spoken about…

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