…all the fun of exams

26 May

AF was a bit… oh, funny!!

Well, dearest Pat *did* run off in the middle of the exam (in bare feet…all the way from HHE to the Dcs dept) to correct a question, and did not even quite tell us about it before he did so…

Anyhow, the mistake was not his fault. I kindof feel a bit sorry for him because of it, because he had and has to take all the slack, and I guess it really is a bit of a problem for him all round. It was basically a bit of a disaster, but more so for him even than for us…

It’s kindof just the excuse our class needs to “finally” write him off as a lecturer, person, and human being…

And, in complete fairness, I do think that’s slightly undue.

Oh, he’s ok really… I just hope he manages to find a solution to this problem that will keep everyone off his back. (And preferably be within the rules, and yet make us happy too.) A pretty impossible task if you ask me, and that’s why I feel sorry for him.

I can see him being made a scape-goat if things turn sour… I just hope that don’t have to happen.

Anyways enough of that πŸ™‚ I also no longer like fruit baskets, or:-
as they are defined in Haskell, where Fruit (by my *wrong* definition) was:-
data Fruit = Orange | Lime |
Banana Bool
(The boolean indicated if the banana was ripe or not… πŸ˜› how contrived is that?!)

I think its about time I just quit talking now though… This is possibly one of The most boring posts to inhabit the internet. (At least its special for something… :-P) So… 5 down, 4 to go as they say.


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