The Exam-Life.

25 May

CS has ‘happened’ now.. for good or bad. I can’t change it now, though I could have had more “Mohammad-ised” vocabulary and thought processes. Unfortunately it was all very much my own work, so I wonder what he’ll think of it. Hum ho!

Well, yes. I *do* have two exams tomorrow: AF and FP. FP just isn’t getting revised for. Well, that’s not fair. I have done a bit. (At higher I would have considered this a very big bit… 😛 but maybe not so these days.) Anyways, the sum total of it will be possibly one past paper.

And I want another one or two under my belt for AF too. I’m rather stressed about it, to tell the truth. But that’s mainly to do with not having done the course for 5 months… I’ve actuly just managed to do a whole (my first) past paper easy-as-pie except for one tricky-ish question.

Better get going though…

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Posted by on Tuesday, May 25, 2004 in selfish



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