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17 May

Hello hello hello!!

Today’s been SDI. I am now in the process of trying to understand parametric polymorphism… anyone out there give me a hand?!?

That’s proly not what you’re interested reading about anyways, so here’s the other kind of life I got…

Yesterday I walked to church from Fulton Street for the first time. It was a lovely sunny and quiet morning, and I was more in danger of feeling the heat with my leather jacket than anything else.

Afterwards I got invited to the manse for my lunch. The Norris’s were there, all six of them. Emma, Johnathon, Jessica and Louise. A fair handful of them 😛 James took the plunge and offered to read to them in the afternoon, so the rest of us had the priveledge of being the one’s they all ‘escaped’ to at regularly predictable intervals.

Apart from that, I ended reading the book that Jackie’s in the middle of: “The forgotton Spurgeon.” It *was* good, as far as the first chapter went, at least. I can’t say I cared much for the introduction though, and only persevered my way through half of it. Discovering at that point that it was as long again, I really did not think it worth my while.

I finished the wee book I got from Naomi over a year ago, “The life of God in the soul of man.” I think I’ve read it twice now, but it’s one of those books that can well bear being re-read.

But anyway, I better stop. Tomorrow is Julie’s first exam, all being well, so for her sake I thought I’d have myself in bed not too late… Don’t think she’d appreciate me disturbing her by going to bed in the early hours of the morning or so…

I would rather I had a bit more to show for my SDI revision today. Oh well, I hope I get a good sleep so that I may be fit for the ‘moro.


To you, and you and you!!

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