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13 Apr

Salibonani everyone,

I arrived back from Leverburgh communion at 10 last night…long day!

Well, it started around 6:15 in the morning: Jordan gave Flora, Janneke, Stella and myself a lift – in the end – to Edinburgh.

Via Staffin 😛

We stopped off to get the service, seeing as how we missed the Monday service in Leverburgh. It was Rev Angus Smith in Staffin, and he was nice 🙂

“Let not your heart be troubled. Ye believe in God, believe also in me.” John 14:1-3 was considered. Twas just what was needed on a Monday, I guess. We were all glad we went. The Wheals (sp?) were good to us and gave us our lunch just like that. We got two other invitations as well. A charitable congregation 😀

I got to Edinburgh about quarter to 9. Drove past Christine’s ‘castle’ and got the train from haymarket.

There was a girl from halls on the train. I’ve finally found out her name…its Katie 😉 (It’s possibly only taken me 18 months to find that out.) We were speaking to an immunologist from Glasgow Uni, John Darlow by name. Interesting chap, and he taught us a useful amount of antibody theory. Evolutionist though… Didn’t have time to get into that discussion; we already continued chatting outside the station for 10mins or so… But anyhow, he *did* say he’d be “happy” to have that discussion.

I’ll try make time to take him up on that maybe!! I should really email him in the very near future, before he forgets.

I’m needing my bed, really. Got to really get myself back on form to take on this lot of exams coming up…all nine of them.

Oh, and I had an Analysis Test this morning. Claire was sitting next to me; MJ was behind, so I couldn’t see her. About half way through, Claire put up her hand and said she wasn’t feeling well. She stood up to leave, then almost immediatly, collapsed full-length on the floor.

Poor MJ. Was worried it would have really upset her. Thankfully she said she’d already almost finished by then. I can’t say I’d made such wonderful progress by then, but at least I was given the grace to be quite calm.

Claire was ok.

Murdo wasn’t… He hadn’t done his revision properly, methinks. And it sounded as if he regretted that just a bitty. 😉 Ah, well, he’s proly still done better than me. For all my revision, you could maybe hardly tell I’d done any.

I think I’ll go now. I heard someone on Question Time make a pertinent quote, that’s worth our notice: “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

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